With talk of Bobby Petrino supposedly being one of the top candidates to become UK’s next football coach, here are five reasons he and many other good coaches wont:

1) Basketball will always be #1 … see Florida with back-to-back titles in basketball yet nobody seemed to care. UK is the exact opposite. Football could win 2 or 3 in a row, and few would care as much as they do in basketball.

2) The boosters don’t want football to be as good as basketball.  No explanation needed.

3) Facilities are no longer on par with top football programs.  66,000 strong isn’t a big deal in the SEC … that’s a good turnout for the spring game or a meaningless game against East Directional Tech.

4) Who is the last coach to succeed in Lexington to stick around? Bear Bryant couldn’t get out fast enough, right? The last coach to finish his career there was Rich Brooks then Jerry Claiborne before that … both of them seemingly got encouraged to step down rather than voluntarily retiring.

5) UK has very little presence in talent rich states like Florida. Get all the top flight KY kids you want, you’ll never compete at a high level because the state simply doesn’t crank out enough top talent.

This post wasn’t meant to be a flame or a “hater” post … it’s simply restating the facts that face UK football.  My personal belief is that Bobby Petrino would never agree to become coach in Lexington … the man admitted that his hatred ran deep for the blue-bellies.  Stranger things have happened (see Rick Pitino), but I doubt this will become one of them.

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